Granite Slabs Aurora for Practical Countertops

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Granite countertops can add magnificence, value and unique interest to your home in Aurora. With a wide variety of natural stone options available, choosing custom countertops will be an interesting, informative and worthwhile adventure. Granite slabs are quickly becoming a popular option for countertops in Aurora. Granite slabs in Aurora are uniquely beautiful, and a worthwhile investment. There are several options from which you can choose when you decide to have granite countertops installed in your home. Many people will argue that granite slabs are the only way to go for kitchen countertops, while others might say that granite tiles are just as good. There are certain advantages to one style over the other, but the bottom line should always be personal preference and practicality of the application.
Granite Slab vs. Tile
There are many uses for granite around the home. This hard, durable and uniquely beautiful stone is a popular choice for countertops. When choosing granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, it is wise to decide ahead whether you will go with a slab counter or individual tiles. Slabs are a more practical choice with granite as it can be difficult to match the patterns without showing a seam. With that said however, if you have an unusual shaped counter space, joining two or more slab pieces could become necessary anyways. Granite is extremely durable and can withstand heat, moisture and many types of spills. It is also scratch resistant. This natural stone option is impermeable and therefore easy to clean and sanitize. These are some of the main reasons granite is becoming a number one choice of homeowners for custom countertops. Granite's distinctive colours and markings make it an exceptional addition to any décor. Granite is an extremely heavy rock, and when it is in slab form, it is highly unadvisable to try to install on your own. The substantial size and weight of granite slab counters could cause personal injury or serious damage to the granite or other objects around it if you try to lift it into place on your own. With help it could be easier, but it is still a job better left to the professionals with all the right tools. It is for this reason that many do-it-yourself home renovators choose granite tiles. While there is the appearance of seams with the tiling method, they can be made almost invisible, or even dramatized for an even more unique design.Granite tile can also allow for more intricate patterning or design options, such as checkering or one colour in the center, and another bordering it.
As you can see there are pros and cons to either granite slab or tile. Whichever you decide to use, you can be sure that the beauty, style and shine will never look wrong. Granite countertops are a practical choice whether they are all one piece, or many pieces put together. Granite is an investment and as such it should always be well planned out. Take your time in choosing the best option for you and enjoy your stunning granite for many years to come.